Simple Ways to Prevent Shoplifting at your Store

Simple Ways to Prevent Shoplifting at your Store

All businesses are susceptible to shoplifting. Irrespective of what type of business you own there are cases of shoplifting from clothing, book to jewellery sellers. Theft has a serious impact on business as it imprints an impression in minds of the customer. Try implementing simple design tactics to prevent theft. Enlisted below are simple ways in which you can restrict shoplifting at your store, mall.

Increase Visibility:

The first and foremost thing that you should ensure is that have an eagle’s view. Have an eye that cannot overlook details of your store. Make it a point to have clear view of your store and there are no corners left unsupervised. This is possible only you place shorter displays near the register and taller display near the perimeter of the store.

You can make use of mirrors if in case your store has any blind spots. Along with this you can put in efforts to keep your store clean so that you can easily trace if things seem mis-placed.

Have Proper Security Systems:

It is essential to have security systems which are visible to your customers. Mainly, to ensure that you are granting them secured environment for shopping. Another reason that plays vital role is that you are well informed about the activities taking place at your store. For instance, people counting system provides you with an accurate foot fall and other security applications. Once you have installed security systems there are lesser chances of shoplifters entering your store.

Share Your Shoplifting Policy:

Make sure to pre-determine you’re shoplifting policy and spread across the message to your customers. You can post signs in your store mentioning the same. You can have statements like;” Shoplifters will be prosecuted”. This refrains the shoplifter from entering your store as they are aware of the consequences.

Lock it up:

Placing limited products and goods on display and placing them in frame that can be locked is an appropriate choice. This will protect them from shoplifting and provide a good view to the customers. Granting limited access to outsiders will safeguard the products and goods.

Relocate Your Cashier:

Make sure to have your billing point at a secured point. Additionally, it should not be very close to entry or exit points. Rather, place it at a point from where you can have a glance of your entire store. Any individual entering or existing should be easily viewed. Train your employees to keep watch on your customers without intruding them.

Always be Aware:

It is better to be notice your surroundings so that you are well-aware about the whereabouts of it. The most susceptible time for shoplifting is the opening and shutting hours.

Be a Smart Observer:

You should be aware about certain common traits of shoplifter and train your staff as well accordingly. In case you find someone with weird behaviour make sure to take into account that person and observe them in a crucial manner. However, make sure that in observing you do not offend someone so until and unless you have strong evidence, do not accuse anyone. Shoplifters often have traits such as repeatedly in and out of shop, stare at employees, wander aimlessly around the store, appear nervous, etc.

Mark Your Presence:

You can have a person right at the entrance of your shop to greet customers by this you can pursue more customers to enter your shop and make a note of people entering your store.

This will also provide shoplifters an indication that they are being watched and under scrutiny.  You can have another individual around the dressing area in order to ensure that no dresses are mis-placed.

Restrict Outside Bags:

You can prevent customers from carrying their bags inside the stores so that the risk of theft minimises. You can even restrict customers from carrying more than 3 dresses in order to avoid any chances of robbery. By least you can follow the norm of checking bags at the entrance.

Exit Check:

When billing is being done make sure to double-check the purchases of the customer. Just to be sure make it a point to have sensors which can detect if any unbilled purchases are going out. In case of any doubt, it is better to politely ask the customer about their purchases so that an additional item doesn’t go out.

Lastly, as it is commonly said, “look before you leap” likewise it is always better to cross-examine your doubts and then take a decision. Before you finally catch hold of someone ensure that you have proper evidence against that person and if is given the deserved punishment for the crime.

You should not forget that it is also your responsibility to take care of your potential customers and they do not have to bear any consequences because of someone else.

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