How to Heat a Warehouse

How to Heat a Warehouse

Winter is approaching soon and so you need to be prepared in advance. During the winters, it is quite convenient to heat up your offices but if you are in-charge of heating commercial places like super markets, industries, offices, warehouses, etc.  then there are many factors you need to take in account.

Today we are going to focus on heating a warehouse and discuss about the various heating techniques, equipment’s you can use to serve your purpose and also the precautions you need to take to maintain the efficiency of the heating provided by the heaters.

Warehouses are huge which makes it difficult to keep them warm during the cold months. But you cannot afford making your workers to work in an uncomfortable condition, and also you can’t afford to take the risk of keeping your stored goods at stake of getting damaged because of excessive cold.

But the question is how to go about this entire problem to get a concrete solution? Well, big heating companies like Powrmatic heating. They provide you with machines which give you effective results.

There are many ways by which you can smartly heat your warehouse. Let’s discuss a few of those ways.

Check for Gaps:

Let’s start with the basics first. For getting better heating in your warehouse, you first need to fix all the flaws in your warehouse.

You are required to check all the holes, gaps and slits that may be there in the walls of your facility. These gaps cause the outside cold air to rush inside the establishment, thus ruining all your efforts of heating it up.

It is easy to check gaps and slits in your warehouse by taking an incense stick or a candle near the gaps and checking if the air is rushing through those gaps. If the air is coming, then the flame of the candle will be disturbed. Thus you will know where there is a gap.

Fix all these gaps to get a better insulation which will aid in keeping the temperature considerably high in your facility.

Warm Air Heating:

Warm air heaters are professional made machines to increase the heating of your facility. In warm air heaters there is a fan which takes in the cold air from outside and passes it into the heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger there are heated metal plates which heat up the cold air. This warm air is then circulating all over the warehouse area through a system of ducts.

Warm air heaters are being used since ages and with time there has been a lot of advancement in them. This has increased their efficiency and has removed their major flaws.

Warm air heaters give up to 30 kW of output, which is quite efficient to heat large places.

Warm air heaters also have filters which clean out the pollens, smoke and other harmful substances which are present in the outside cold air thus by using these heaters you can give a healthy atmosphere for your workers to work in.

It doesn’t cost much to buy a warm air heater but a considerable amount of money is required to install the system ducts in your warehouse.

Gas Cabinet Heaters:

Gas cabinet heaters are spot heating oriented heaters as they discharge hot air giving better heating at the main spots in your warehouse. But again they have a good spread and thus can increase the overall heating of your facility.

The highly efficient gas fired heaters with blowers circulates warm air covering a significant space. Heat outputs range from 15.7kW to 135kW. The units have a closed flue system that can be either vertical or horizontal.

It features a single burner assembly which can be switched on or off but can also be supplied in high/low or modulating formats.


In warehouses the roof is quite high and the warm air is gets accumulated at the top which is wasted. But there is a way by which this air can also be beneficial for keeping the ware house warm.

The whole warehouse can be fitted with destratification fans. They are normal ceiling fans which rotate in the inverse direction. This reverse rotation of blades pushes down the above warm air and then puts pressure on so it reaches the ground, thus increasing the temperature of the warehouse.

Linear radiant heaters:

Linear radiant heaters are alternative to gas cabinet heaters for spot heating. But the difference between the two is of the coverage area. Even though gas cabinet heaters are for spot heating, the area covered under them is more compared to the area covered by the linear radiant heaters.

So why to use these types of heaters? Well linear radiant heaters are more effective than the gas chamber heaters when it comes to heating a very important spot and at the same time these heaters are very sleek and aesthetical.

Whether you need to heat workers in your warehouse whilst they work or you need to warm up the heat areas of your warehouse; radiant heating provides a very flexible heating solution depending on the model you chose.

You can also have a series of linear radiant heaters all over your warehouse, as this will be quite a space efficient option when compared to the other heaters which involve installation of huge machinery to get them to work.

Radiant single and double U-Tube Heaters are highly fuel efficient models. Their output ranges from 15kW to 94kW. Thus they cover vast spaces with only a few units installed.

There are many ways which you can choose any one or a combination of multiple machines to keep your warehouse ready for the winters. But it is necessary for you to keep in mind all your requirements, finances and the size of your warehouse before choosing a right heating option for you.

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